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exception.h File Reference

Exceptions header. More...

#include <const.h>

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Data Structures

struct  exc_context
 Context after an exception. More...


typedef exc_context exc_context_t
 Context after an exception.


void exception00 ()
void exception01 ()
void exception02 ()
void exception03 ()
void exception04 ()
void exception05 ()
void exception06 ()
void exception07 ()
void exception08 ()
void exception09 ()
void exception0A ()
void exception0B ()
void exception0C ()
void exception0D ()
void exception0E ()
void exception0F ()
void exception10 ()
void exception11 ()
void exception12 ()

Detailed Description

Exceptions header.

Andrea Righi <>
Last update: 2003-11-04
Copyright (©) 2003 Andrea Righi

Definition in file exception.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct exc_context exc_context_t

Context after an exception.

Function Documentation

void exception00  

void exception01  

void exception02  

void exception03  

void exception04  

void exception05  

void exception06  

void exception07  

void exception08  

void exception09  

void exception0A  

void exception0B  

void exception0C  

void exception0D  

void exception0E  

void exception0F  

void exception10  

void exception11  

void exception12  

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