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Minirighi File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
arp.c [code]ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) layer
arp.h [code]ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) layer header
cache.h [code]Cache parameters
clock.c [code]The system clock manager
clock.h [code]The system clock headers
console.c [code]Virtual consoles
console.h [code]Virtual consoles header
const.h [code]Global constants definition
ctype.h [code]Character types header
dma.c [code]DMA (Direct Memory Access) driver
dma.h [code]DMA (Direct Memory Access) driver header
elf32.c [code]ELF32 file format loader
elf32.h [code]ELF32 file format header
errno.h [code]Error codes
eth.c [code]Ethernet driver
eth.h [code]Ethernet driver header
exception.c [code]Exceptions manager
exception.h [code]Exceptions header
ext2.c [code]Ext2 file system
ext2.h [code]Ext2 file system header
fat.h [code]FAT file system header
fat12.c [code]FAT-12 fyle system
floppy.c [code]Floppy disk driver
floppy.h [code]Floppy disk driver header
i386.h [code]Generic (IA-32) routines and headers
icmp.c [code]ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) layer
icmp.h [code]ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) layer header
Ide.c [code]IDE driver
Ide.h [code]IDE driver header
IdeAta.c [code]IDE driver::ATA Protocol
IdeAta.h [code]IDE driver::ATA Protocol header
IdeDebug.c [code]IDE driver::Debug
IdeDebug.h [code]IDE driver::Debug header
IdeLow.c [code]IDE driver::Low level routines
IdeLow.h [code]IDE driver::Low level routines header
IdeTimer.c [code]IDE driver::Timing
IdeTimer.h [code]IDE driver::Timing header
interrupt.c [code]Interrupt manager
interrupt.h [code]Interrupt manager header
ip.c [code]IP (Internet Protocol) layer
ip.h [code]IP (Internet Protocol) layer header
kernel.c [code]Generic routines for kernel
kernel.h [code]Kernel generic functions
kernel_map.h [code]The memory map of the kernel
keyboard.c [code]Low level keyboard driver
keyboard.h [code]Low level keyboard driver header
kmalloc.c [code]Memory Allocator
kmalloc.h [code]Headers for the kernel memory allocators
limits.h [code]LIBC limits
main.c [code]Kernel Main routine
mem.c [code]Low level (i386) memory manager
mem.h [code]Low level (i386) memory manager header
mmx.h [code]Generic MMX extensions
multiboot.h [code]Multiboot information (required from GRUB)
network.h [code]Header for the network driver
paging.c [code]Paging manager
paging.h [code]Paging header
pci.c [code]PCI bus driver
pci.h [code]PCI bus driver header
queue.c [code]Circular queues operators
queue.h [code]Circular queues header
rtl8139.c [code]RTL8139C(L) single chip fast ethernet controller driver
rtl8139.h [code]RTL8139C(L) single chip fast ethernet controller driver header
semaphore.c [code]Mutex semaphores
semaphore.h [code]Semaphore header
serial.c [code]Serial/RS232 port driver
serial.h [code]Serial/RS232 port driver header
shell.c [code]MiniShell - a very very simple shell
shell.h [code]MiniShell header
speaker.c [code]System speaker driver
speaker.h [code]Header for the speaker
stdarg.h [code]POSIX stdarg
stdio.h [code]POSIX standard I/O
stdlib.h [code]LIBC stdlib
string.h [code]Header for string routines
sys.h [code]Generic minirighi syscall library
syscall.c [code]System Calls
syscall.h [code]System Calls header
task.c [code]Task Management
task.h [code]Headers for the task manager
tcp.c [code]TCP (Transmition Control Protocol) layer
tcp.h [code]Header for the TCP (Transmition Control Protocol)
time.c [code]Real time clock driver
time.h [code]Real time clock driver header
types.h [code]Generic types
udp.c [code]UDP (User Datagram Protocol) layer
udp.h [code]UDP (User Datagram Protocol) layer header
umalloc.c [code]Virtual Memory Allocator for the User Space
umalloc.h [code]Header of Virtual Memory Allocator for the User Space
v86.c [code]Virtual 8086 mode
v86.h [code]Virtual 8086 mode header
video.c [code]Low level video controller 6845 driver
video.h [code]Low level video controller 6845 driver header

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