Other useful web pages (a.k.a. links)

At the links below you can find a lot of informations about operating system development.

Link Description
Intel® 64 and IA-32 Architectures Software Developer's Manuals The best reference for the Intel® architecture
POSIX The POSIX standard
Bona Fide OS development Many documents, tutorials, links and source code for OS development
The Operating System Resource Center Many resource about OS development
TABOS operating system A good "partner" operating system, where I'm developing the TCP/IP stack and the network layer
alt.os.development Newsgroup about OS development
Andrea Righi's blog The Andrea Righi's blog
Andrea Righi's forum The Andrea Righi's forum (italian only, sorry)
Linux source code on-line A good place to browse the Linux source code on-line
Kernel-analysis HOWTO Good document to understand the basis of the Linux kernel
CINECA - Interuniversity Consortium The place where I'm working at this moment (System and Technology Department)

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