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stdarg.h File Reference

POSIX stdarg. More...

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#define va_rounded_size(type)   (((sizeof (type) + sizeof (int) - 1) / sizeof (int)) * sizeof (int))
#define va_start(ap, v)   ((void) (ap = (va_list) &v + va_rounded_size (v)))
#define va_arg(ap, type)   (ap += va_rounded_size (type), *((type *)(ap - va_rounded_size (type))))
#define va_end(ap)   ((void) (ap = 0))


typedef char * va_list

Detailed Description

POSIX stdarg.

Last update: 2004-01-04

Definition in file stdarg.h.

Define Documentation

#define va_arg ap,
type       (ap += va_rounded_size (type), *((type *)(ap - va_rounded_size (type))))

Definition at line 17 of file stdarg.h.

#define va_end ap       ((void) (ap = 0))

Definition at line 20 of file stdarg.h.

#define va_rounded_size type       (((sizeof (type) + sizeof (int) - 1) / sizeof (int)) * sizeof (int))

Definition at line 11 of file stdarg.h.

#define va_start ap,
     ((void) (ap = (va_list) &v + va_rounded_size (v)))

Definition at line 14 of file stdarg.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef char* va_list

Definition at line 9 of file stdarg.h.

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